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Our professional services, classes and workshops can help you tackle hard innovation challenges, build a nimble organization, or become an ecosystem innovation professional 

Apply Ecosystem Innovation to Complex Challenges   


Ecosystem Innovation is a a powerful systems based approach for taking on complex challenges in a fast moving world.  

We can help you leverage this power to help you really understand complex challenges and then design sophisticated new offerings, and solutions. It's an approach that allows you to move both quickly and boldly.

Then, with a clear vision in hand we show your teams how to put complex ideas into practice through an evolutionary journey of implementation.  


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Create an Organization that Boldly Pursues Fast Moving Opportunities   


Increasingly, organizations face threats and opportunities that require bold but urgent action.   It's not the kind of big original innovation that can be done through incremental change or by an isolated innovation team.  

We can help you design an organization where the entire enterprise is engaged in creating new solutions and offerings in a fast moving world.  These nimble organizations are able to take advantage of the power of ecosystem by leveraging all their capabilities, tools, and partnerships.   

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Become an Ecosystem Innovation Choreographer    



New innovation practices create the need for new innovation roles.  A decade ago product managers and UX specialists were just emerging as new professions, but now they are seen as essential mainstream positions in all types of organizations.  

Ecosystem Innovation is made possible by a new kind of creative specialist, the Innovation Choreographer.  Learn how you can leverage generalist big picture thinking and a rebel energy for reinventing the ways things work.  Claim this new role which is at the center of some of the most complex and exciting challenges of our day.  

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The primer for Ecosystem Innovation Choreographers.  Big picture concepts that underlie this exciting creative career.  


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