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Innovation Choreographers: Claim your career as a leader of ecosystem innovation

Master the craft of ecosystem innovation.  Join the creative tribe of generalist big picture thinkers who are changing the way the world works. 

Claim complex important work worthy of your talent   


Are you an Innovation Choreographer?  Are you a generalist, big picture thinker?  Do you find yourself running into burning buildings, taking on complex challenges that need bold original solutions?  

Ecosystem Innovation creates a space for professionals with this kind of bold creative skill and passion.  If you find that you've never really "fit" in other roles, it may be because your talents are best designed for delivering big ideas in a complex and fast moving world.

We can help you claim a career as an innovation choreographer, applying the practices of Ecosystem Innovation to exciting and important challenges.    

Claim Your Career:  Each new practice of innovation results in new creation of new leadership roles for the work.  Workshops and online courses can help you understand the new role of Innovation Choreographer and how you can position yourself to claim the career. 

Master the Skills:  At the heart of an Innovation Choreographer's work are the techniques of Ecosystem Innovation.  Develop your ability to deliver impactful innovation initiatives that leverage these powerful innovation tools. 

Connect with Your Tribe:  There are others who share your passion for messy challenges and big picture thinking. Make connections that build your support network and expand your professional network.   

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The primer for Ecosystem Innovation Choreographers.  The big picture concepts that underlie this exciting creative career.  


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