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Do Bigger Things: A practical guide to powerful innovation in a changing world


Praise for

Doing Bigger Things


“Do Bigger Things inspires us to dream bigger, think broader, and pursue audacious opportunities. If you’re a big-picture visionary thinker seeking a more powerful approach to innovation, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.”

—BARRY O’REILLY, New York Times best-selling author of Unlearn


“I loved the book—it made me want to do bigger things! For those who know that the change they want to see in the world requires a whole new ecosystem change, Do Bigger Things gives you the essential tools to bring it all together and succeed.”

—KASSIA ECHAVARRI -QUEEN, director of community investment at the Wikimedia Foundation


“Required reading for anyone who wants to claim disruptive opportunities or shape powerful solutions.”

—MARK JOHNSON, cofounder of Innosight and author of Lead from the Future


“What do launching a dynamic company, responding to a Himalayan disaster, and putting together a community-based musical have in common? They all require ecosystem innovation. Dan McClure and Jennifer Wilde provide the practical and inspiring playbook for mobilizing this powerful form of innovation to build a better future.”

—RICHARD FLORIDA, author of The Rise of the Creative Class


Unleash your potential to do bigger things!


An inspiring guide for doing more in a complex and fast changing world


In today’s changing world, where business leaders navigate industry disruption, entrepreneurs struggle to push beyond initial success, and activists tackle hard challenges like climate change, there is a need for a more powerful way to do innovation. Too many innovators are trapped by the limits of common innovation practices.  The way we’ve been taught to create for the past two decades is failing us.

It’s time for a paradigm shift. To unlock the secrets to doing bigger things, this book introduces the pioneering concept of ecosystem innovation. Drawing on their experience with a range of innovators, from Fortune Global 100 companies to local entrepreneurs in Nepal, authors Dan McClure and Jennifer Wilde present remarkable stories and actionable insights for achieving more with innovation.

With this step-by-step guide, you’ll acquire the big-picture mindset and capabilities you need to outmaneuver fast-moving competitors and break through the ceiling on innovation impact . Do Bigger  Things offers a practical way to set bolder goals, understand harder challenges, and design more powerful solutions.

Shatter the notion that game-changing endeavors are beyond your reach, your organization’s capabilities, or your community’s grasp. The time to do bigger things is now.


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The Authors

Entrepreneurs - Innovators - Thought Leaders


Dan McClure


Dan has worked for more than forty years to empower bold innovators: global organizations facing threats of obsolescence, pioneering businesses in fast-changing markets, and passionate activists tackling hard challenges like climate change and humanitarian crisis response. He has been a hands-on thought leader, developing new tools and practices that make it possible for innovators to run into burning buildings looking for exceptional opportunities. His innovation methodologies and agile enterprise design have been applied across diverse fields including international aid, government, finance, retail, media, education, energy, and health. 


Jennifer Wilde 


Jennifer is an accomplished innovator working on the global stage. She has built an international network of innovation labs, supported innovators from idea to scale, and shaped multimillion-dollar innovation programs. With more than fifteen years of experience in driving change in challenging, volatile contexts, Jennifer has a uniquely practical perspective on what it takes to identify, execute, and succeed with game-changing ideas. 

She enjoys contributing practical insights and actionable strategies to build innovative ventures and support others who want to think big, take action, and achieve their greatest potential. 


Enthusiastic Reviews for "Do Bigger Things"


“Vivid, encouraging guidance for problem solvers of all kinds.”

“Innovation professionals McClure and Wilde provide a blueprint to help readers navigate and thrive in complicated times.”

“Wilde and McClure are very clear-eyed guides through all the concepts they explore, and their prose manages to be both information-dense and extremely readable.”

Kirkus Reviews

Editor's Pick


In this inviting and pragmatic guide, McClure and Wilde share a fresh way of thinking about innovation and launching new projects: ecosystem innovation.  

The authors urge readers to think of themselves as “choreographers”—that is, someone who “applies big-picture thinking, builds connections, and does some rule-breaking”—guiding a team’s disparate actors in accomplishing those “bigger things” of the title.


5 Stars


Do Bigger Things by Dan McClure and Jennifer Wilde expertly captures what happens in real-life situations. I loved how it shows how innovations do not work in isolation but in an ecosystem of factors that also must be addressed.

The prowess in narration and the warm tone adopted also make the reader receptive to the message.

4 Stars


A lucid introduction to ecosystem-oriented business management practices, Do Bigger Things is a leadership text that’s designed to respond to the challenges of a fast-paced digital world.  

Its modular chapters, illustrated graphs, and digressive text bubbles are accessible suggestions of the virtues of ecosystem thinking in miniature.

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