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Every new generation of innovation practice creates demand for a new type of creative professional.   Familiar roles like Product Managers, UX Designers, Lean Coaches, Analysts, and Project Managers all came out of prior developments in in how innovation was done.  Today, a new creative role is taking center stage, the Innovation Choreographer.    

In our fast changing world, Ecosystem Innovation is being applied to a growing number of urgent challenges ranging from competitive business disruption, to scaling entrepreneurial ideas, and dealing with hard problems like climate change.  Innovation Choreographers are at the center of this important work. 

This isn't just another variation of a familiar job.  As a Choreographer, you are charged with seeing a big picture view of challenges, and then embracing the complexity so that you can create a powerful ambitious solution.  It's a job for professionals who love running into creative burning buildings and taking on messy fast changing challenges.  

You may already have been doing this work.  Or it may sound like the work you've always wanted.  Either way, it's time that you understand this fast emerging  career and claim it as your own.  

Our online workshop series explores this new profession from a number of perspectives.  We talk about what the job is, how you sell yourself in this new role, what it takes to do the work, and how you 'survive' the exciting but challenging creative ride.    

Come connect with your tribe, other Choreographers doing bigger things, and explore the big picture view of this exceptional profession.  


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