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"Do Bigger Things" Authors 

Dan McClure has worked for more than forty years to empower bold innovators:  global organizations facing threats of obsolescence, pioneering businesses in fast-changing markets, and passionate activists tackling hard challenges like climate change.

Jennifer Wilde has more than fifteen years of experience driving change in challenging, volatile contexts. She has built an international network of innovation labs, supported innovators from idea to scale, and shaped multimillion-dollar innovation programs.



An inspiring book about the power to deliver big ideas in a fast changing world


Ecosystem Innovation is a cutting edge approach to innovation that delivers bold ideas in a complex and fast moving world.  Too many conventional innovations begin with fanfare and energy only to ultimately stumble, failing to deliver meaningful real world impact. 

The new practice of Ecosystem innovation offers an alternative.  It's an approach to innovation that embraces real world complexity, making it possible to create and deliver powerful original solutions to hard problems. Today, it is being used by industry disruptors (and those being disrupted), a new generation of sophisticated entrepreneurs, and advocates pursuing solutions to hard real world challenges (dive deeper).    

"DO BIGGER THINGS - A Practical Guide to Powerful Innovation in a Changing World", published by Fast Company Press in February 2024, provides a clear and compelling view of this powerful new practice. ¬†In his forward, agile pioneer Jim Highsmith observes that "Do Bigger Things is written in such an¬†easygoing, conversational, story-enhanced¬†style, it is easy to get caught up in the narrative, but at some¬†point, you are likely stop and reflect on what you have read and think,¬†‚ÄúWow, this is really important stuff!‚ÄĚ

Do Bigger Things provides a practical handbook for taking on the complex challenges organizations, entrepreneurs and social activists face in today's fast changing world.   

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News and Interviews


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The primer for ecosystem innovators.  A clear big picture view of the creative practice of ecosystem innovation. 


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