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Applying Ecosystem Innovation: Understanding Hard Challenges and Architecting Powerful Solutions 

Apply the power of ecosystem innovation. Understand complex challenges and claim bold opportunities. 

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Ecosystem Innovation is a systems-based approach for delivering bold ideas in a complex and fast moving world.

Too many conventional innovations begin with fanfare and energy only to ultimately stumble, failing to deliver meaningful real world impact. They never seem to push beyond incremental change, feel-good workshops, and dead-end pilots. 

Ecosystem innovation offers an alternative.  It's an approach that embraces real world complexity to create and deliver powerful new ideas. Today, it is being used by industry disruptors (and those being disrupted), a new generation of sophisticated entrepreneurs, and advocates pursuing solutions to hard real world challenges (read more about the practice here).    

Building on decades of experience we can help you navigate this high impact journey from idea to action:

  • Challenge Maps: ¬†Understand messy real world challenges. Draw on the diverse knowledge of the many people who understand your real world complexity. Create a clear big picture view that exposes hidden problems and unexpected opportunities.¬†
  • Strategic Vision: ¬†Develop a bold original vision for your innovation. Push boundaries to design a sophisticated solution that takes advantage of the complexity and change that others avoid. ¬†Create the visual models and powerful narratives needed to share these big ideas.¬†
  • Evolutionary Implementation: ¬†Bigger ideas need to be delivered differently. Implement complex solutions by systematically evolving them in a changing world. ¬†Be agile and adaptive while intentionally managing the risks and opportunities of solutions with lots of moving parts. ¬†

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