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How Big Should Our AI Dreams Be? And What Will They Demand from Us? (video)

agile enterprise sector - technology trends and drivers Feb 24, 2024

Artificial Intelligence is like to be the most powerful new technology to emerge in our age of exceptionally powerful new tech.  It has the ability to supercharge an organization, particularly if the organization is ready to adopt strategies built on ecosystem innovation.

Yet, these big AI dreams will also come with demands for substantial organizational change and new ways of work.  In this video I compare three different levels of aspiration that organizations have been taking when they begin to adopt AI ... and the implications for organizational change and transformation that come with ever bigger dreams.   We'll look at: 

Level 1, IT Project led innovation, taps powerful technology in support of the status quo.  The changes in organizations fabric is often limited.  

Level 2, The Creative Enterprise, gets more adventuresome.  Leaders, teams, and people across the organization are encouraged to explore and stretch boundaries with AI.  AI can discover new spaces in spots across the enterprise given the right creative culture.  

Level 3, Ecosystem Innovation, leads to transformational change.   Here AI finally steps up to its potential by enabling radically new ecosystems.  To take advantage of these opportunities, organizations need to transform themselves to enable the flexible reinvention that is at the heart of ecosystem innovation.  This is the really cool stuff, but it requires a reimagining of the organization too.   


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