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Business Models for Non-Profit / Humanitarian Innovators - DEPP Labs

sector - aid and development strategy and design Jan 04, 2024

Innovators often create a valuable new idea, but then run into a wall when it comes to paying the bills.  As a result, finding a viable financial business model is a key challenge during both development of a new idea and over the long run as the innovation takes its place out in the world.  

These challenges are particularly felt by innovators working outside established commercial markets.  This includes, social impact entrepreneurs, aid sector innovators, and others working in environments where the 'user' of an innovation is often in a poor position to pay for the value they receive.   

This report was developed based on insights from the START Network DEPP innovation lab program, which developed community based labs in Kenya, Jordan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.  It begins by looking at the journey the innovator must navigate before they are in a position to select and implement a business model and then provides a more detailed inventory of business model options.  

Business Models for Non-Profit / Humanitarian Innovators


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